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Quay Reel System for Chemical Refinery Application at CEPSA.

December 5th, 2014

Techflow Marine has introduced a new product to their portfolio, the ‘Quay Reel System’ for ports, terminals and refinery applications. This is the first system of its kind and it was developed for Spanish petrochemical company CEPSA in order to replace their existing loading arms. This new product is protected by way of a joint patent between the two companies demonstrating TFM’s collaborative approach to developing bespoke products in line with customer expectations.

The system was designed with the following expected benefits in mind:

  • CAPEX saving as compared to loading arm purchase
  • Flexibility of loading operations as multiple products can be loaded simultaneously
  • Decreased overall loading time
  • Less demurrage, more efficiency in the terminal resulting in cost savings
  • Space saving
  • Improved operational safety

The project will be delivered in 2 stages. Stage 1 was delivered in December 2014 and successfully installed and commissioned. Stage 2 is planned to be installed and commissioned March 2015.

CEPSA (Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U.) is an integrated energy company operating at every stage of the oil value chain. CEPSA is engaged in petroleum and natural gas exploration and production activities; refining, the transport and sale of crude oil derivatives; petrochemicals, gas and electricity. CEPSA produces oil products at its three refineries in Spain (Tenerife, La Rábida in Huelva and Gibraltar – San Roque).