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Loading Stations for Bunkering Operations – Solan Oil Field North Sea Completed

August 5th, 2014

Techflow Marine has completed the design, manufacture and installation of remotely operated loading stations for ODE’s SOLAN project in the North Sea. The system differs from traditional loading stations in that it allows bunkering operations and hose transfer from the platform to a supply vessel whilst the platform is unmanned. The full system can be controlled from the supply vessel by way of electrical wireless remote control. A hose deployment arm is actuated in tandem with the deployment of the hose from its reel in order to transfer the hose approximately 15m outboard of the platform to offer a safe stand-off distance for the supply vessel.

Offshore commissioning is planned to take place in March 2015.

Solan is a Jurassic oil field and is expected to produce approximately 50 million barrels of oil during its lifetime, with peak production of over 20,000 barrels of oil per day.

The oil field is located West of Shetlands within UK licence P164 covering UK block 205/26a in just 135m of water. The field was discovered by Amerada Hess in 1991.

Solan Oil Field

North Sea, UK
Water Depth
50 million barrels
First Production